Caitlind r.c. Brown & Wayne Garrett
Deep Dark: Crossing presented by Near North Mobile Media Lab

caitlind-and-wayne-headshot (Calgary, Canada) work with diverse mediums and materials, ranging from artificial light to re-appropriated architectural debris. Their practice combines divergent aesthetic and industrial backgrounds, often resulting in transformative public sculptures and installations. Beckoning viewers with interactive contexts and novel materials, their projects invite strangers to share in experiential moments, prompting collaborative viewership. Using mass-produced objects as a reference to cities as an immeasurable mass of materials, people, and situations, Brown & Garrett’s practice evokes the possibility of renewed understanding through a critical shift in perspective.


Aanmitaagzi Storymakers
Presenting Serpent People, Pathways, The Trappers Cabin

 penny Penny Couchie is a dancer, actor, teacher and choreographer of Ojibway ancestry from Nipissing First Nation. She holds an Honors BA in Aboriginal Studies and Drama from the University of Toronto and is a graduate of The School of Toronto Dance Theatre. Penny has performed as a dancer and theatre artist in principal roles both nationally and internationally. She has guest taught at universities and colleges throughout Canada and the US, including the Centre for Indigenous Theatre, where she has been a faculty member since 1998. From 1998 to 2003 she participated in the Aboriginal Dance Project at the Banff Centre for the Arts as a student, choreographer and teacher. Her most recent choreography includes the premiere of Dances of Resistance, a three year community engaged dance theatre work produced by her company Aanmitaagzi in Nipissing First Nation, a full-length dance theatre work, When Will You Rage? at the Capitol Centre, North Bay, , The Port Key and You Promised, I Lied, directed by Muriel Miguel for the Centre for Indigenous Theatre, Like An Old Tale for Jumblies Theatre, Toronto, Outta The Woods, directed by Muriel Miguel for the Centre For Indigenous Theatre performed at Factory Theatre, Toronto Ontario, Manaabekwe, a co-choreography with Christine Friday O’Leary performed for the Temagami Gathering in Bear Island, Ontario, Red Romance, directed by Muriel Miguel for the Centre For Indigenous Theatre performed at Factory Theatre, Toronto Ontario and A Bridge of One Hair for Jumblies Theatre performed at Harbourfront Centre. In 2001, she co-founded Earth in Motion World Indigenous Dance with Alejandro Ronceria, a Toronto-based collective committed to the creation of compelling and innovative new dance works. In 2007 she co-founded Aanmitaagzi, in her home of Nipissing First Nation.

imagesSid Bobb is a Gemini award-winning actor from Salish territory in British Columbia. Combining his cultural knowledge and experience as an actor and teacher, Sid has been committed to helping bring Aboriginal stories and culture to the forefront. He firmly believes that this necessary endeavor will strengthen our Aboriginal communities and help create a healthier relationship with our Canadian neighbours. He is a graduate of the University of Toronto’s sociology and drama programs, attended the Second City school of training, the Banff Centre for the Art’s Aboriginal Dance Project and the Native Theatre School (presently known as the Centre for Indigenous Theatre. He has been a professional actor since 1993. He is trained in traditional performance, including storytelling, song and dance, contemporary and classical theatre, and comedic improvisation. Sid has performed in Canada’s largest theatres across the country; story-telling, in plays, and dancing. For 3 seasons, he was co- host of the internationally broadcast, Canadian Geographic Kids and is in his 6th season as host for Kid’s CBC’s nationally broadcast Kid’s Canada. He has also been an acting instructor and teacher for the past nine years. He was a Teaching Assistant at the University of Toronto, has been an instructor for the Centre for Indigenous Theatre as well as having facilitated workshops in numerous community and professional environments. He currently resides on Nipissing First Nation, in northern Ontario. While Sid continues to work nationally in television and on stage, he is actively contributing to the arts in the Nipissing community. For the past seven years, as a founding member and one of the current Co-Artistic Directors of Aanmitaagzi, he has been working with Nipissing First Nation’s youth, elders and community; engaging the youth within the arts and assisting in carrying forward the traditional and life stories of Nipissing.

10a7036Cristina Lella’s art practice is focused in process-oriented movement with developing interests in installation, sound and textiles. She has danced and choreographed in Montreal and San Francisco with independent groups and individuals, including the site-specific improvisational group The Body Cartography Project. She particularly loves dancing spontaneous choreography in an ensemble for its lessons in openness and humility. She’s earned a certificate in dance and choreography from Les ateliers de danse moderne de Montreal (now Ecole de danse contemporaine de Montreal), a bachelor of arts in social and cultural anthropology and film studies from the University of Western Ontario, and a master of arts in dance ethnology from York University. Cristina co-owns Vinyasa Yoga Studio in North Bay with her husband Rob Joanisse, and works with the multi-disciplinary community-engaged arts company Aanmitaagzi Storymakers in Nipissing First Nation.


2452_132616860647_425274_nMegan Lozicki Paulin is a Visual Artist and performer.  She was born in North Bay and is from Micmac, French, and Polish descent. She works predominantly in the medium of sculpture, but also incorporates mixed medium collage with printmaking, painting and drawing.  She has currently been experimenting with site-specific art and community based performance art.  She is completing her final term towards a Bachelor of Arts in Fine Arts and Native Studies at Nipissing University.  She has apprenticed with Master Tsimshian Carver Victor Reece and Anishinabek fabric artist, filmmaker, and writer Sharon Jinkerson-Brass, previously working under their theater company Big Sky Multi-Media Storytelling Society. She has been a part of many community arts projects and performances such as ‘Copper Woman’, ‘Ice Follies’, a biennial site-specific exhibition, and Aanmitaagzi’s ‘Dances of Resistance’.  She has also travelled extensively engaging youth in visual art workshops in First Nation Communities among the Nishnawbe-Aski Nations, as well as in South Asia.  She is currently focusing on themes surrounding ‘Landscape as Identity’ and ways in which storytelling can mend a broken history.


12647964_10153803386171397_1174888844_nDarren Nakogee is a James Bay Cree multi-award winning Powwow singer, drummer, and songwriter from Attawapiskat First Nation. Since 1995, he has been an active community member of the North Bay and Nipissing First Nation area. Although a young singer, Darren credits his level of artistry to a strong dedication to his craft as well as from a community of accomplished singers who continued to support and nurtured his craft. Locally, nationally, and internationally, he has sung with a number of renowned drum groups including White Tail Cree, Crazy Spirit, andPoplar.  In 2014, Darren produced a 13 songround dance compilation album entitledBoys From Bay featuring singers from the Nipissing region. As an emerging community engaged arts practitioner, Darren has had the opportunity to train and participate in many community-engaged projects over the past three years includingArts 4 All Esssentials, several Composing Communities Workshops with Jumblies Theatre, and as a youth mentor and member of the core ensemble of Aanmitaagzi’s Dances of Resistance which premiered in August of 2014. Throughsinging and theatre arts, Darren has been taught a sense of maturity, discipline, and respect, and has been able to learn his culture. Darren wants to help provide youth with this same opportunity as he facilitates weekly theatre arts and singing and drumming workshops for



1239556_160403544160925_1726970278_nTasheena Sarazin grew up singing and dancing in Pow Wows and very active in her native community: a low income neighbourhood of North Bay. Her mother did her best to instill traditional values and teach her how to be resourceful and to succeed at anything she wanted. During high school, Tasheena did modeling and participated actively in the student council for youth groups across Ontario. Now a single mother of 3 young boys, Tasheena works as a dance and cultural teacher within the Nipissing public school system and as an artist at Big Medicine Studio. Between business and mothering life, she is also working on beadwork, sewing and a couple of music albums. Looking to help set an example for her peers as unstoppable, she is a woman of many talents and ambitions.




Born in St. Catherines, Clayton Windatt has lived in the Northeastern region of Ontario for most of his life and is a Métis Multi-artist. After previously working as Director of the White Water Gallery Artist-Run for 7 years he now works as Interim Director of the Aboriginal Curatorial Collective and as an independent curator. Clayton holds a BA in Fine Art from Nipissing University and received his Graphic Design certification from Canadore College. He works actively with several arts organizations locally, provincially and nationally on committees and boards of directors including working with the National Arts Service Organization planning committee, Visual Arts Alliance and CARFAC Ontario. Clayton maintains contracted positions with various theatre programs and works as a writer for North Bay Nipissing News, Muskrat magazine and Dispatch magazine. He works with the ON THE EDGE fringe festival, is a founding member of Zakide Artist-Run, is a mentor member of the Future In Safe Hands Collective and currently works with Business for the Arts as a Mentor for their ArtsVest program. Clayton aids Aanmitaagzi with their different community arts events and contributes actively as a writer, designer, curator, performer, theatre technician, consultant and is an active visual and media artist.


Edgardo Moreno
Nisidotan, presented by Zakide

edgardoheadshot large2014Edgardo Moreno was born in Santiago Chile and is Toronto based composer who specialises in film scores as well as contemporary dance and theatre. He has traveled as an artist in residence to Sweden, Argentina, Banff Arts Centre as well as Chile, Trinidad, Puerto Rico, Venezuela to study local musical traditions. He has worked extensively with choreographers Allen Kaeja, Karen Kaeja, Alejandro Ronceria, Penny Couchi, Susan Lee. He traveled to Sweden in September1999, 2001 to create music for choreographer Allen Kaeja. In his collaborations with Allen Kaeja he has scored music for commisssions from London England, Norway, Mexico, Israel. He has compsosed music for Allen Kaeja’s films ‘Sarah’, ‘Witnessed’, ‘Zummel’, ‘Resistance’, ‘Old Country’, ‘Asylum of Spoons’. Dramas include Headhunter, Gummy, The Letter. He has written three seasons for television travel show ‘Exploring Horizons’ (Outdoor and Life Network). He has also created and produced music for CBC, CITY TV, BRAVO, and a feature length documentaries ‘El Contrato’and ‘Six Miles Deep’ NFB, ‘Doctors With Borders’, ‘Shift Focus’ OMNI, Hitler’s Canadians (History Channel), Chichester’s Choice (TVO), Under Rich Earth. As a freelance commercial composer he has created music for clients that include IBM, Loblaws, Bravo’s Freedom Series. His music has been licensed world wide to clients such as Fossil Watches, Relic Hunter, Current TV U.S.A. Fashion Television, Flash Press Poland, Blue Rabbit Films, Haemimont Games, Karina Garcia Spain, Kobalt Music New York and many more. He has worked extensively as an educator in schools through the Ontario Arts Council Artists In Education and Residency grants. Has led workshops for the Toronto Symphony musicians for Adopt A Players program. He has worked for the Ontario Arts Education Institute as an Artist Leader instructing teachers in music pedagogy. National Ballet project ‘Creating Dances’ 1994-2005. Distillary Arts Outreach project as artist and director 2005, 2006, 2007.

Darren Copeland
Fishing for Sounds, presented by White Water Gallery

Screen Shot 2016-01-11 at 5.16.14 PM

Darren Copeland is a Canadian sound artist active in Toronto since 1985. He is also the founding and current Artistic Director of New Adventures in Sound Art (NAISA). Key interests of his work include multichannel spatialization for live performance, fixed media composition, soundscape studies, radio art and sound installations.

Copeland fixed media compositions have explored both abstract and referential sound materials. Many of these works are published on the empreintes DIGITALes label and have received mentions from Vancouver New Music, Phonurgia Nova, Luigi Russolo and other competitions. His radio art works engage in the associative qualities of environmental sounds in relation to spoken text and have been commissioned and presented by Deutschlandradio Kultur, the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation, WBEZ Chicago Public Radio, and Kunstradio (ORF). His sound installations include gallery and sited works which examine the relationship of sound and place. Activity in that area includes projects with Andreas Kahre as Copeland+Kahre, which includes a permanent installation in Edmonton, Canada.


Jihee Min
A Humble Trawling, presented by Gallery 44


Jihee Min’s practice employs narrative strategies and autobiographical experiences in a wide range of media, such as sculpture, installation, performance, photography and drawing. Based on her personal experiences of Korean Diaspora in both Quebecois and English-Canadian environments, Min’s interest is to transcend stereotypical issues of culture, language, memory and geography into a unique enviroment where artist, work, and viewers have no boundaries. Jihee Min obtained MFA in Studio Arts at Concordia University (2008) and BFA with Honours in Sculpture & Installation at Ontario College of Art & Design (2005). Min has presented several solo exhibitions in galleries across Canada, and her work has been featured internationally in group exhibitions and festivals. She has received various grants from Canada Council for the Arts and Ontario Arts Council, as well as numerous awards and scholarships including Concordia University’s MFA Studio Arts Award and the Sir Edmund Walker Scholarship from Ontario College of Art & Design. Her work is part of various public collections such as the city of Toronto, St-Bruno, and Rauma (Finland).  Her work can be seen at